Sunday, 14 April 2013

So...I Released My Book Yesterday...

It is officially out! Hurray! Beside The Cinders has hit online and I am so excited to share it with anyone.

Hmm. That sounded pretty desperate. Let's try that again.

Beside The Cinders, the new, polished version, is ready to hit your bookshelves - digital ones, that is - and is going to change your life! Well, only a bit of it anyway. I pride myself for little, gritty details that can mean so much in the long run. My story is different in the sense that it does not rely on highly dramatic scenes that leaves the reader either swooning with dreamy hopes or rolling their eyes at the exaggerated description. Nope. I think it's the small things that count, like the chores one has to do to stay away from another nagging session from one's mom. Or the silly, nonsensical conversations one might have with her friends, on commonplace topics such as music and family. Or...the fight one might have with a sibling, which is resolved the next day.

I still don't know which genre will be my specialty, and I might think of creating 'Contemporary Fairy Tales' as a new sub-genre under Young Adult. After all, it is THE genre to watch out for this year, with a ton of movies and amazing new films to look out for. YA is very hot right now, and it's really nice to see some new material every now and then.

On the subject of books...I last went to the library on the ninth of last month, and I haven't borrowed a book since then! I'm in this extremely withdrawn mood, just because I really want to visit my safe haven. Libraries are, after all, the writer's second home. I found a few new releases, and I can't wait to get my hands on the newly arrived books from the US. I love my libraries; they're so...library-like. There's a kind of security that you can feel with all those bookshelves around you. It's like they're protecting you from harsh reality and providing a comfortable launch pad towards another dimension. Ah...I really have to visit the library ASAP.

So I was, um, wondering if you could...if you know, buy my ebook, Beside The Cinders. It's available through my website for USD $8, and it's a full-length novel. Perfect for reading during long pondering hours. It's tough, yet has its own small-town charm. I guarantee you a satisfying journey through one girl's road towards freedom.

Have a great evening y'all!


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  1. Yay! I've already brought your book (I pre-ordered it as soon as you told me it was coming out) but the bank is still processing my order? Even though I have the book? I have no idea. It's confusing. But another book I brought a day before is still processing as well so maybe there's just a delay.