Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Come and Get It

What an awesome year! I'm so glad the world didn't end, because I wouldn't be publishing my ebook. Like, duhh, right?

The reason this post's title is Come and Get It is not only a kind of reminder, (not the kind of), but it's the brand new single off Selena Gomez's upcoming album. I can't help but get excited, seeing that Disney's bubblegum cutie is having a song with an unexpected cool vibe. There's a beautiful, melodic Indian vibe throughout the song, and the beats are heavenly. There is enough techno to remind you that this is not some Bollywood jungle, and still Selena's. The lyrics are on repeat, but somehow they don't sound too repeated. It's catchy enough for anyone to sing alont to by the next verse. And the bridge feels kinda airy and divine, with the words

"This love will be the death of me, but I know I'll die happily..."

There's a kind of melancholy feel to the song, but I can't quite place it. Anywho, it really is cool. What I love about the song is that it doesn't feel too over-the-top, like numerous techno-infused pop songs. This feels a bit more grounded because of the Indian beat, and the raga in the background. I hope she has an Indian-themed music video; I would love to see some cool costumes!

But already it feels like that dream may come true...

She also said in an interview with Ryan Seacrest that the music video has a kind of four elements-theme to it. She'll be performing it live during the MTV awards, and wow, that's exciting. The only thing that is a bit of a downer is that, and I'm saying this with a kind of wince, well, she can't sing so well. It really is a shame. But you know, after fervently hoping in the past that she had come down with a sore throat or something, and being disappointed, we just have to face the facts. *hides face behinds hand and whimpers*

But she'll succeed. Everyone has their faults. Someone said that Taylor Swift couldn't succeed.

I'm preparing my website for the downloads, and I just want to say that without jumping headfirst in this endeavor, I wouldn't be knowing a ton of things about how to create an ebook. Thank God for the amazing opportunity to do something I love. In the end, it feels like I've climbed a mountain...

And knowing that there'll be more to come. But with the right attitude, I'll keep on taking the next step with every strength I have.


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