Wednesday, 20 February 2013

A Return To Blogger...And A Surprise!

Make that two surprises!

I miss you Blogger readers. Are there any of you out there? Because I don't see any pageviews at all! Why aren't you listening to me anymore? Huh?

Wait; maybe I acted too rashly. I mean, I'm the one who should be updating, right? Bummer.

But I still miss you, Blogger people. And I think after a long time of self-discovery, grief, and absence from something that is supposed to be on top of your lap, I'm itching to get back on track.

Here's my story: I've been bumbling for who-knows-how-many pages, and I still don't know my ending, or if there's going to be someone who can change my storyline. That's the purpose of being a writer, to make up stuff and add them to an otherwise boring life.

Anyway, I finally have two covers for my eBook, Beside The Cinders, which will be in stores this coming April. One is by Maryn Wosu, featuring a flame that has erupted from a rose.

It reminds me of the spark that has ignited in Dani, a spirit that helps her stand up for herself. The contrast is strong; I like the way the fire curls behind the words. The font is, ooh la la!

And here is the other cover, by another equally talented designer, Ava Chamberlain. You can see that the main focus is on the large rose petals and the word, Cinders. I think it's just gorgeous. This will be for the second edition of Beside the cinders, so readers can choose and pick one that speaks to them. 

I can relate to both pictures; I wouldn't have made them on my own, what with my apparent lack of design skills. I would never have thought of a fire to signify Dani's coming-of-age; that bit was amazing. And the simplicity of Ava's rose and font is brilliant. I just wish i could count on these lovely ladies once more for any future works!

As to the actual book, all I can say is that I'm sixteen chapters down. For any of you who are still curious, let's just say that I'm a chapter or two, or maybe three, from the day one of the ball. There might be some tweaking here and there in the story to ensure that all characters are accurately pictured. Dani, in my opinion, is not perfect and she will never be, but if she gets to inspire anyone, why not?

The Lone Dudette's back!


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  1. I love the second picture the best! Though the first is super nice as well. Beautiful! Good luck finishing your book! I can't wait until it's available. :)