Friday, 4 January 2013

Hey Y'all!

I missed you Blogger!

Sorry, just had to have that out...I've been busy with a Facebook game so much that it encompasses everything. However, I am happy to tell you I have achieved what I was playing the app for, and I'm back at writing!

To mark my return to my Autumn Dreams blog, I have personally searched some images/quotes for any visiting writer. Some are at the right sidebar, and some are here in this post. Happy 2013.

I should have logged in three days ago, but hey, it's only been four days into the new year, and already it feels almost the same. I am turning eighteen this year, and I want all of you to be online when I do, since my birthday parties have all been tame and dreary celebrations. Except the ones where I spend with my family; with them, you can feel the LOVE! But ahem, ahem. Note to self: maturity is the ultimate goal. I know I have been a tad childish, and you know, I'm not even sorry for that, but seriously, I think I should be a little less impulsive sometimes. I've made a list of my resolutions on the left sidebar, so if I blog some random musings and it feels stupid, don't hesitate to shout and send me a link to that left sidebar. I love you people!

But, anyway, Happy New Year. To all those who had believed in the armageddon, I'm sorry you didn't get your wish, but hey, here's another year to still be thankful for whatever you have. Who knows, there might be another scheduled armageddon sometime in the next century or something? You guys have fun.

Keep writing and dreaming up stuff. That's what we're good at; let's keep to it!


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