Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Liebster Blog Awards

Firstly, I'd like to thank the totally amazing Hadiyah Jacqueline Stephens for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Awards. It is basically an award that is given to bloggers to motivate them. I tried searching for more information, and I've only found blogs which have received the award. So I was super stoked that I was nominated, of course, and I am gonna share everything here.

So, here's how it goes:

  • Yay! You're nominated! You have to answer the 11 questions that came with the award.
  • Give 11 facts about Y-O-U
  • Name 11 nominees
  • Draft 11 questions for them to answer.
So here my answers for the 11 questions presented by Hadiyah Jacqueline Stephens:

Q1: The hijab is my most special item. With it, I feel proud to be a Muslim. I know it's not a shirt or anything, but it's only when I'm wearing a hijab that I feel that I am truly modest enough.

Q2: My favourite hobby has to be reading/writing. The two are somewhat reversible to me, and I can't really choose. I'm editing my manuscript and I feel so connected to my characters. It feels like I'm transported to another time, another world which I've created, full of things I can tweak here and there. It's amazing.

Q3: My dream occupation is obviously an authoress(Just play along; I like things glammed up.) With it, I can do things I've never done, and I hope that one day that dream will come true, Insyaallah.

Q4: If I could fix anything...I would fix me first. Always look at yourself. Are you perfect? Are you certain there is nothing left to improve? I'm still at the bottom, barely even an adult. And I've got to keep learning to live the way God wants us all to.

Q5: I pray for abundant water. Then I'll search for a giant rock or something to hide in.

Q6: The last book i read was my own. Beside The Cinders. I had to wrap up editing, and I was reading through for any errors. It's all in a jumble of paper I printed last two weeks.

Q7: I would love to achieve the publishing of my book, because I want to thank all those who have supported and encouraged me to continue the story. I owe it to them.

Q8: My clearest, fondest memory is the one where I played with my previous cat, Kiddy. I had wanted to name it Kitty, except later I found out it was a he. Whenever I throw pebbles, he would race over and put it in his mouth to bite.

Q9: Yes, I prefer pen and paper to write with. There's nothing better than to really feel what you're doing. I'm probably choosing the first option because I have to share a laptop, and I'm not really allowed loads of time to write.

Q10: What annoys me the most about people is not being able to push yourself. I take every opportunity to do my best in what I do, and I absolutely hate it that people hold back because of their fears. I love people who are daring and strong and who believe in themselves.

Q11: 'What an experience'. I've just returned from a Islamic adventure camp with fellow youths. We're reminiscing on Facebook.

All right! Now for eleven facts about myself.

1. I keep quiet when I'm filled with intense versions of normal emotions: happiness, fear, anger, love. I bottle it up inside, and I rarely explode, unless I trip over the brink of insanity.

2. I really love to spend more time getting to know people, but I'm afraid I'll bore them or turn them away. That's why I spend time alone mostly.

3. I don't believe in fan rivals. If you love a particular band, and not like another, you don't have to compare their merits and make the other fan family sick. I'm a Lovatic, Smiler, Swiftie, Belieber, Directioner, Simpsonizer, Enchancer, and I'm in the TW Fanmily. There's still a lot more, but I never compare and bring down.

4. I love having guys as friends. I don't believe that girls hang out with boys to flirt with them; I never had a boyfriend, and I'm definitely not having one anytime soon. Someone asked me if I realized that I was the only  rose among the thorns; I said, 'yes, I know.' I don't think he understood why I was grinning.

5. When I'm surrounded by nature, don't be offended if I don't talk to you. I simply feel at one with God's creations and I have to record everything with my eyes.

6. I greatly dislike people who are unable to appreciate the little things they have. They just complain, and go on and on about life's unfairness. 

7. I am five foot seven, and I still want to get taller.

8. I am in the final stages of writing my book, Beside The Cinders, and I really want to share it with others. I am really proud of this one, since it's my first. 

9. I love to push myself. Except when it comes to studying; I forget everything after exams!

10. I don't like to talk about myself much, but if you read my stories, there's a lot about me you would be surprised to find out.

11. I can get really sarcastic and impulsive. I'm one of those people who slap their heads and wished they had said something smarter, better, and cooler a few hours before.

And here are the nominees for the Liebster Blog Awards:

1. Hadiyah, cos she's so cool, from The Written Word.


I got nothing. Hadiyah's the only one I know. Which makes her an awesome winner!!! 


Best wishes from me, TLD. Signing off now. Bye.

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