Friday, 4 January 2013

A Dash of Daring. A Touch Of Demi Lovato.

Yeah...I'm still awake...And I found these online! Fangirl time!

I had initially shared these on Facebook, but for those who aren't friends with me, here you go. I especially love the first one. I used to be this loner who, when overcome with rage or tears, would write intense, poisonous poems that I would keep to myself. I imagined myself as a songwriter, writing rhymes because of that one person I would really like to lash out at. The feelings became my source of inspiration, and when the poetic phase ended, I began the novel-writing phase, which is still ongoing. 

I would hate for anyone who had to go through a difficult time, but trust me, it will get better. Ever heard Kelly Clarkson's song Stronger? People love the song because they know it's right; horrible experiences don't kill you. They make you stronger.

Good Night to y'all

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