Friday, 15 March 2013

Dances, Balls, and One Very Heart-Melting Romeo!

Yello Blogger readers!

As of now, there's 15 chapters left to be rewritten into Microsoft Word. I'm currently in Chapter Twenty-Two, the first night where Daniella Miller, our heroine, goes to her childhood friend's birthday ball. What I would do to go to a masquerade ball! There'd be lots of beautiful decor, gorgeous gowns, and of course, the proverbial Prince Charming waiting to dance with you.

Only, let's hope the other girls don't get to him first. :)

So my birthday is approaching like wildfire in a dry forest. My eighteenth birthday, that rite of passage from childhood to adulthood. Technically I grew up a long time ago, since all my responsibilities, my-ahem-period, and lots of other things have long passed for me. I find myself wishing I was a child again, so that I could feel that innocence, playful bantering, and idle time wasting all over again. There would be no regrets, no burdens on my shoulder, and definitely nothing to hate.

If we were all children again, wouldn't the world be less complicated?

Imagine a parliament house, and whole governments, made up of children MPs. Wouldn't that be so cute? Any fight breaks out, give a piece of candy and say a heartfelt apology and everything will be fine. The good thing about children is that they never hold a grudge unless they have been taught to. And really, who would, if there were no adults?

But this is the life that we're given. Once you grow up, there's no going back. There's no subtracting the digits in your age, and there's no forgetting all that you've learnt. I've realized that some things are meant to be.

I've also learnt that I'm rambling, and that I think my own characters are more handsome than real-life guys.

Maybe that's a good thing. :)

Here's to birthdays, and wishes for a masquerade parties. *gulps down a glass of aqua purificada*

Ahh, that's the stuff!


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