Saturday, 1 December 2012

My Favorite AMA Performance EVER!!!


Click on it. I dare you.

Okay, that was intimidating. Don't worry, it's not a website for perverts or anything porno. You can rest easy. Actually it's, from the title, about an AMA performance that gripped me from the start to the end. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting to you the most awesomest presentation yet, from her new album, Red, is Taylor Swift with I Knew You Were Trouble!!! Hooray for T-Swizzie!

Watched it yet? If yes, isn't it spectacular??? If no, do it now. Or I'll pull a Bloody Mary and find you, wherever you are.

Kidding! Don't sweat, but seriously, you're missing out. It's just a few miniscule minutes of your entire life.

Here's another live rendition of that same song. It's a little grungy and West side-ish, and I haven't even watched West Side Story yet, but the message is still strong and clear: I am Taylor Swift and I will use you for creative purposes if you choose to get on my bad side.


Gone Swiftie yet?


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