Saturday, 22 June 2013

The Upsides and Downsides of Life

There have been many things that have both negative and positive effects on me lately. I find myself trying to know more about cancer, or watching Korean travel shows, and also, reahding the news FOR the news, instead of primarily the entertainment section. Life has changed in my outside world. There is smoke everywhere, like a grey fog during a dream or a music video. Except unlike a music video or dream, this smoke makes you teary-eyed and breathless. This year, it's burning yet again in Indonesia, with 113 hotspots in Sumatra, where thousands of trees are being burnt down every day of this hot period. The winds blow the smoke towards Malaysia and Singapore, where the haze just sits here since there are no winds to blow it away. Days are filled with closed doors, N95 masks, and seeing the severity of the haze right outside one's door. But I try not to complain, even though it's the worst air pollution level in quite some time. It has reached hazardous levels, and schools have been told to close for the time being so children can stay within the shut doors of their homes. I've been praying for a better air pollution reading, and today the sun seems more brighter than usual, and less blood red.

Moving on to a brighter note, life has mostly been normal. I've just been featured on Figment's homepage for a contest that I thought was long over. But it was a pleasant surprise. I have been mostly stagnant in my writing, much like the haze itself, but that's only because I'm having a case of writer's block. And preparations for the upcoming month of Ramadan, where I'll be fasting! This is so exciting! I can't wait for that one.

So life goes on. Every day I'm thankful that the sunlight is clearer than the day before. And I'm happy that I get to live in a place less than an hour's distance from the sea, because sometimes the haze clears because of the sea breeze. And also to the people who read my stories; their comments and reviews mean a lot to me.

With that, goodbye for now. I hope it's not smoky at your place, though. :)

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